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And because our doctor does not believe in chronic lyme disease my husband has had to suffer slowly losing his memory terrible irritability and major joint pain. He just turned 34 this year. The more education we can give people the better.

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Who need people to stand up to the doctors that keep doubting us and listen. No one should have to go through what my husband has gone through and I pray for all those on here who have had to suffer. There are many options out there feel free to write me at rikky1 yahoo. Not sure when I became infected,I think in August is when I took the tick out of the back of my leg.

‘Every time, the test came back negative’: Why Canadian Lyme disease cases continue to be missed

In October started having symptoms of lyme disease, had the bullseye on leg were it had been attached. Went to my family dr.

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He sent me for blood test it came back a couple days later it was negative. I still continued to take the antibiotics he had prescribed. Went back to dr. Told him what was going on he diagnosed me with some bullcrap,I cant remember what he said. Went to hospital they have ran cat scan EKG and took enough blood to supply have my town.

Also a piece of the tick had come out and I put it in a baggy to show them.. Started seeing things speech problems and brain seems foggy. I have been shakey alot and just start crying for no reason. I go back tomorrow for the blood test results from hospital.. This has to be about one of the worse things I have went through. I find it sad that doctors and hospitals are not educated enough on lyme disease to know when someone has it. I was diagnosed 13 years ago with Lyme,only because I insisted I be tested. After 30 days of doxycycline I was better,for awhile but when symptoms returned and I returned,he yelled at me and told me I was cured.

Can anyone help. I am so sorry that you are dealing with this. I was in your exact position several years ago and I too wanted to die. I have been treated with several courses of doxycycline, a few courses of flagyl, and the cowden protocol. The two-tiered test is not an effective test anyway and misses many positive cases of lyme.

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What you need is a PCR test done by a reputable lab Igenex labs for lyme disease. Then seek a doctor that will prescribe you antibiotics. If you are unable to get your hands on some antibiotics, then cowden an herbal protocol alone is slower, but still powerful and effective. Also, buy yourself a cheap tent sauna off Amazon as the bacteria die in heat. The die off reaction will make your symptoms worse initially, but will gradually make you better. One of the most common causes of death in LD patients is suicide. I used to have such terrible memory that I would walk into my local starbucks and forget the name of my favorite coffee that I ordered daily.

Now I am studying biochemistry and physics in attempt to go to medical school and help others suffering from Lyme disease. Also, try to cut out everything unhealthy from your life. Feel free to email me sdennison mail. Warm regards, Sarah. I would reach out to a Lyme Literate doctor or an herbalist.

There are also some protocols you can try online. For instance one person mentioned on this forum… Marty Ross. He lists protocols online that are natural and conventional. Read, read, read because you are your best advocate. Either way this is a long road. I diagnosed myself and did natural protocols and saw an herbalist.

The antibiotics have been kicking my butt and I thought I was going to end up in the hospital again. Herxing sucks! I also recommend changing your entire lifestyle. I hope this helps. My normally beautiful cursive writing was now small cramped printing. And I tended to lose my balance. I had never noticed! I was in denial for a while as there is no history in my family of parents and five older siblings, but now accept I have classic symptoms.

I have had many symptoms of Lyme disease and other health issues for years. Contant tiredness, Joint pain, foggy brain, muscle pain, etc.

I just chalked it up to aging. I am I used to be a nursing assistant working in a step down unit. He had a history of MRSA but the ER nurse didnt do a though rough intake and so he went on special precautions like he should of been. My health really started going downhill from there.

I was treated for three months before the MRSA went away on my skin. I was given several different antibiotics including Doxycycline and Flagle. I had a severe allergic reaction to flagle with a headache so bad I thought I would die. All those antibiotics destroyed my gut and gave me divertuculitis. I am on constant probiotics to repair gut function and if I miss a day or two of probiotics I get sick.

The only thing that finally got rid of the MRSA was ionic silver gel and manuka honey. He had reversed her clinically documented MS! He used a bio scan SRT which gave me an 8 page report that unbelievably showed every single ailment that I have ever had in my life. He cured my hives with a detox protocol and four Rife machine treatments. I had a severe candida overgrowth that was causing the hives.

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The rife also removed the Epstein Barr Virus from my body. I have not had one illness in the last year and have been feeling better until recently, I forgotfully missed a few days of my probiotics, and broke out again with a MRSA infection in the same spot it was ten years earlier.

Reluctant to take any more antibiotics that destroyed my gut the last time I made an appointment with my naturapath. He did another Bio scan and I scanned positive for several autoimmune diseases. He then scanned deeper into the bacterial causes for those auto immune diseases and I scanned positive for several different types of Lyme bacteria. I recalled two incidences involving ticks, one in myself in Junior High around 48 years ago, I didnt have a bullseye rash that I remember! Abother incident was when living in Germany with the military in my 4 kids came back from a hike in the woods and were covered in ticks! As a mom I had to remove them all and treat all their clothes. Later also had a dog in FL that got ticks that I removed. My questions are; how long has Lyme disease been around and can you get it from any other insect bites? I just got them and although some of the info in the front of the book is for clinicians the back of the book is for Lyme patients. LYME has been around for at least years before us. The tick infection is evolving and adapting. Most ticks scary more than one infection. They only named it Lyme disease because of the children in Lyme Connecticut where the outbreak was finally diagnosed.

The infections have scientific names so we easily just call it Lyme disease and co-infections. There are more co-infections than science has been documenting. There is more than one type of LYME. The spirochete cover themselves with a biofilm think like cartoon or Star Trek forcefield that nothing can penetrate like a Klingon cloaking device.

The spirochetes attack the places in our bodies that have been disrupted, weak or injured. The point is to try to keep ourselves as healthy as possible.

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Some people have Lyme and never get symptoms. The ticks can survive in below zero…. We went out last night to eat and watch a play. My feet started burning and my eyes and I was going to pass out from exhaustion. I ate some cannolis and an ice cream sundae for dessert last night.

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