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They lead you in one direction, and then suddenly surprise you with something completely different, and the only link is that the words sound the same. What am I talking about? A hole has been found in a nudist camp wall. So, someone found a hole in the wall of a nudist camp. A nudist camp is a place where people can enjoy spending time with no clothes on, in the nude. A hole has been found in the nudist camp wall. Jokes work best when they are instantly understood. It has to be instant.

The benefits of laughter

This is why jokes are often lost on non-native speakers, which is a pity. I expect that many frogs will die during the recording of these episodes…. Jokes can be stupid, brilliant, pointless, dangerous, harmless, disappointing, unexpected, light-hearted, dark, bizarre, rude, intellectual or even illegal. Jokes can be just a bit of fun, or they can be used to make serious and critical points.

They can be very complex things when you examine them but ultimately, jokes are about fun and laughter — and what is wrong with that? There are all sorts of social rules that surround the telling of jokes. Jokes, and humour in general, are often the most difficult aspect of a language to appreciate. The ability to appreciate humour is one of the last things you gain as a language learner.

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It can be even harder to deliver a joke — remembering the specific words, getting the timing right, emphasising the relevant words correctly using sentence stress and intonation. Oh my god! Then it becomes clear that he just told a joke, and apparently it was a good one. Why did everyone laugh so much? Is everyone else weird, or is it you? Also the delay in understanding a joke can kill the enjoyment. I know they do. A combination of the two I expect.

What is a joke? It could be a traditional joke structure, or a comeback, a sarcastic comment or a small story or whatever. Vocabulary There are a few words that you should know. Yes, I like it. Click here to read more on this story. Winston Churchill was famous for his comebacks. But in the morning I shall be sober. But you will still be ugly. The kind of thing your dad would tell you. To be honest, most of the jokes in this series on jokes are dad jokes. Where do jokes come from? They get shared orally or maybe written in emails and get passed around, but nobody really owns them.

When I was a kid, my friends and I used to own joke books. They were compilations of jokes. We used to go around telling them to each other.

How to tell jokes like a pro

There were so many. That was a weird way to be introduced to some aspects of sexual depravity — within the context of a joke told by a naughty kid at school. Only later would I understand what they actually meant. Then there are jokes which have been made up by someone, like a professional comedian — like the conjunctivitis joke.

If you can do it well, it can make you quite rich. Some of the best comedians, writers and directors started out by writing jokes for other people. Then there are original jokes made up by people on the spot. A lot of these jokes which are shared by friends have typical structures, which most people know. There are also social conventions around joke telling that you need to know, for example — how to tell a joke, how to react when someone tells you a joke, how to identify when someone is joking and how to respond to a joke.

The person is clearly telling you a joke. Telling and hearing a joke is like a little social interaction with its own specific rules and conventions that you have to know.

Why do we tell jokes? According to Helpguide. According to them: Laughter relaxes the whole body. A good, hearty laugh relieves physical tension and stress, leaving your muscles relaxed for up to 45 minutes after. Instant classic. Oct 22, Jeff Strand rated it really liked it.

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Screenwriting books are not typically written by successful screenwriters. Apparently, if you're making lots of money as a screenwriter, there's no real motivation to make substantially less money writing a non-fiction book. So it's very refreshing to have a book written by actual screenwri Screenwriting books are not typically written by successful screenwriters.

So it's very refreshing to have a book written by actual screenwriters who have written actual movies. This book is exclusively and emphatically about big-studio films, and only about how to make money in the business, not earn critical praise and Oscar nominations. It's filled with stuff I've never read in a book before, and it's all fascinating. And it's constantly laugh-out-loud funny. That said, there is a LOT of padding. Some of it is funny, and some feels like an effort to reach a minimum word count.

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And you can tell they're screenwriters--they often make their point and move on quickly, creating quite a few moments where I wished topics had been discussed in more depth. Overall, well worth reading, even if, like me, you're not actually pursuing a career as a screenwriter. May 14, Neri.

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I have to say that this book made me laugh. It was funny and yet sad. Hollywood is a cruel place and it is clearly shown in this book which helps you to, or at least try to, become a successful screenwriter in Hollywood. Jun 15, Peggy rated it liked it. This was pretty good. It gave you all the information you needed about the Hollywood business and did not sugar coat anything which I really liked. I just wish they gave you more advice on the actual writing of the screenplay part. There is a lot of sexist jokes about how it is necessary to make a female character hot and shit.

They also assumed only men were reading this and made a lot of jokes about women and it was kind of uncomfortable. That aside, it was still informative and motivating to This was pretty good. That aside, it was still informative and motivating to read. Nov 19, Brett rated it it was amazing. Hilarious but insightful look into Hollywood screenwriting. Oct 10, GG rated it really liked it. Super fun perspective on the movie industry loaded with jokes and inside perspective from these two talented screenwriters.

Great tips on how to pursue a career in Hollywood and how to approach writing a screenplay. I've read more than one book on screenwriting, and if you want to write screenplays so should you, and I will happily recommend this one. It's not so much a guide for how to write, it's more about how to survive in Hollywood.

They don't even get to the writing tips until the second part of the book. The insight into this mad, crazy industry though is priceless. It's told with a sense of humor that makes you smile even when the anecdote is cringe inducing. Some of my favorite bits: The insight in I've read more than one book on screenwriting, and if you want to write screenplays so should you, and I will happily recommend this one.

Some of my favorite bits: The insight into what happens in a pitch meeting. The idea of a pitch meeting has always terrified me!

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And reading this, I think I'm maybe right to be terrified! But actually reading about experiences that people have had And more terrifying in the "Oh yeah, everyone in this industry really is nuts! But whatever. People in this industry are legitimately crazy.