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Ever hear those stories of wildly successful entrepreneurs and how they had, like, 23 failed businesses before they made it big? I mean, Amazon! Who knew?! That is, if they lose, they lose a little. But if they win, they win a lot.

Yes—you CAN make a comfortable living as a writer. But you need a clear plan!

How many times would you roll? Most people look at each decision as a single roll of the dice. And a strategy that loses a lot per roll can actually make you a big winner in the long run.

Yes, you will lose the dice game way more than you win. But when you win, your winnings will far outstrip your losses, making it a worthwhile wager. When you think purely in terms of the immediate result, you cut yourself off from the biggest potential gains in life. And the reason most of us do this is because of our pesky emotions.

Our emotions are short-term biased.

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  6. They are obsessed with the present moment. And this prevents good decision-making.

    Articles that will change your life, handpicked by a therapist who knows what he's talking about.

    This is because our connections with dogs are purely emotional. We have this part of ourselves that just wants to eat, sleep, fuck and play, but has no conception of future consequences or risks. Our emotions are important. Our emotions overreact to things by design. They evolved to keep us alive when we were hunting water buffalo on the savannah and shit like that. Thankfully, our brains evolved logic and the ability to consider the past and the future and all that great stuff. And not dogs. Emotions are great for giving you that umph of passion and spirit, the same way a dog is great for running and fetching stuff and being a great friend and barking when someone weird is hanging out by your bedroom window.

    But the dog is limited. It needs context and direction to behave well and function. Similarly, your dog owner brain must train the dog brain to sit down and shut up when necessary. You must give yourself context and direction. Train yourself to adopt the correct habits and make better decisions. Reward and punish yourself. Regards, Ketaki [Kate]. Great tips, Ali! Sometimes we all need reminders to really comb through our words before we hit publish! Great tips.

    I have been following these for my articles all these years, specially about redundancy. Thank you! I took your advice about using subheadings. As a bonus, I was able to transform a vital concept, originally made up of several sentences, into an eight-word subheading. It works perfectly. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

    Skip to content. Here are some suggestions for how to write better.

    28 Ways Keeping a Daily Journal Could Change Your Life

    Cut unnecessary words Here are two paragraphs that say the same thing. The second clearly states a stronger case.

    Want to work in the media industry as a writer? Emphasis mine. Being consistent with the structure — for instance, each subheading might start with an imperative verb as in this post. In case you need a recap: Active voice: John threw the ball. In general, though, you should write in a direct, straightforward way.

    About the Author: Ali Luke Ali Luke blogs about the art, craft and business of writing at Aliventures, where you can grab your copy of her mini-ebook Time to Write plus other freebies.

    Form A Daily Writing Habit—It Will Improve Your Life

    Filed Under: Craft. Free Newsletter. And what they discovered was both surprising, and actually, incredibly boring. At the grocery store buying milk. Talking to my boss about making a big sale to a client. Even when catastrophic stuff did happen — mom got cancer, missed a mortgage payment on the house, junior lost an arm in a freak bowling accident — happiness levels would dip to the range for a short period, and then, after a certain amount of time, promptly return to seven.

    Flip Your Script- How to Write a Better Life Story

    This was true for extremely positive events as well. This fascinated psychologists. Nobody is fully happy all the time. But similarly, nobody is fully unhappy all the time either. It seems that humans, regardless of our external circumstances, live in a constant state of mild-but-not-fully-satisfying happiness. Put another way, things are pretty much always fine.

    But they could also always be better. You think to be happier, you need to get a new job, so you get a new job. So you get a new house. And then a third. And then… well, you know how this turns out.

    28 Ways Keeping a Daily Journal Could Change Your Life

    You wake up with a hangover and are at a three. No, it means that we need to be motivated in life by something more than our own happiness. It means that we have to be driven by something greater than ourselves. I would spend hours analyzing my desires and values and end up with a sexy and impressive-sounding list of largely-arbitrary goals, filled with stuff like taking a bongo class or making a certain amount of money or finally nailing that ever-elusive six-pack.