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In contrast, it will surely stir up mixed feelings among both audiences. The article argues that China will win out due to its lower labor costs, lack of trade unions, and more disciplined managerial styles. The fact that many on Weibo shared these kinds of pieces as a reaction to the documentary suggests there is confirmation bias at work here. As is common on Weibo and other social media, comments on the pieces like the above simply rattle unsubstantiated claims, frequently descending into ad hominems.

Chinese state media also chimed in on how American Factory proved their most important talking points on the ongoing US-China trade conflict. Using high tariffs to force U. Separate the US economy from China, and the U.

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The article was also shared widely on Weibo. All of them … had the same burnt-out expression… Their faces reminded me of photos of people in the late Qing Dynasty. That dull expression reflects a civilization in decline. In the film, When American foremen visit a factory run by glass manufacturer Fuyao in China, they are alarmed to see Chinese workers picking up glass shards without safety glasses or cut-resistant gloves.

A Chinese worker picks up glass shards with minimal safety equipment, shocking his American co-workers. This is something we Chinese are very familiar with. In Maoist China, the state stripped the underprivileged of all political power in the name of the greater good dictated by socialist dogma. Post-Mao China continues to exploit the underprivileged, but now for monetary gain.

I worked 12 hours a day. More than 11 hours of every shift was spent on my feet without stopping, just to keep up with the assembly line. After watching American Factory , I feel like American workers are lucky to only work 8 hours a day. They pay too much attention to whether or not workers are comfortable. They defend the interests of capitalists while they are actively exploited. Unions in the West chose human rights, Chinese capitalists chose profit, and Chinese workers have no choice at all. Some of these posts were apparently censored; threads that displayed as having over comments only showed 12, and users complained that their posts were being deleted or made invisible to other users by Weibo censors.

Which country is the capitalist one and which country is the socialist one? Are you the glory, or are you the cost of the glory? The term refers to a high-pressure work schedule of 9am to 9pm, six days a week.

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This is the kind of life workers in Fuyao are living, with no hope of improvement — they are that the company would find a replacement in no time, making any form of complaining moot. Recent events in mainland China only increase the credibility of this representation. Factory workers at Jasic, a maker of welding machinery in Shenzhen, attempted to start a union last year.

All those involved were fired. A number of college students and activists who actively supported the workers were detained and persecuted.

Chinese born after have been raised the same way! In my circle of friends, some mothers nearly faint when their babies are finally able to poop. Is China going to end up the same as America? The Uncle Policeman took the penny, And nodded his head at me. It came out in Apparently, in present-day China, nobody would go through so much hassle for a penny anymore, and so the text was altered although it is very doubtful people would go through the trouble for one yuan either.

The penny coin 0. Although some Chinese netizens think the change in the song is just normal modern development, others do not agree at all. In Hangzhou, some say, all you can find on the streets nowadays is QR codes rather than coins. Surely the song should not incorporate those new developments either? Connect with us. Share Tweet. Get on Amazon here Recommended by the same author: Mr.

Michael S. Books selected in this list are References Abrahamsen, Eric. Related Topics: China art china censorship china gender china history Chinese society featured. Manya Koetse. You may like. Anne Teoh June 14, at am. The information you provide about the books is very good, thank you. Raze Unblocked October 3, at am. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. As the title suggests he gets trapped in an IKEA wardrobe apart from other means of transport, such as Louis Vuitton suitcases, etc. He meets famous French actresses, real-life knife wielding gypsies and the love of his life.

This book is hilarious, thought-provoking and just plain fun to read. I can highly recommend it to anyone who wants to get away for an afternoon on a farcical journey through Europe. It was the turn of the 15 th century in Renaissance Italy, a place and time whose beauty and creativity were only matched by its brutality and corruption.

Nothing was more corrupt than the Roman Catholic Church. Borgia was defined by his wealth, power, ambition and charisma. Lucrezia was beautiful, young and much beloved by both her father and her brother. She began her journey as a mere pawn but, like a true Borgia, she evolved into a major political player in her own right.

They wielded their cunning like a sword and bent the entirety of Italy, if not Europe, to their will.

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All of the characters are complex and the story is an intricate web you quickly get tangled in. Though the author does address some of the more sensationalist aspects of the family, none of the story is over the top or unbelievable. She has done extensive research and it shows. I highly recommend this book to people who love historical fiction, organized crime, or even political thrillers. You have to admire a family who, after all this time, is still spoken about in such tones of admiration, fascination, hostility, and disdain. There is no driving in his subdivision, because the sign says so!

His wife, the only person who really understood him has died and Ove decides that he has lived long enough and that it is time to join his wife. He draws out a minute plan for ending his life. A book like this only comes along once in a long while. I wish I had adequate words to describe what I felt while reading this book.

I guess all I can say is: Read it, read it, read it! Overall, the book was a nice quick read and a good excuse to log onto youtube and watch a few Elvis concerts. Amazed by its contents she sets out to find out more about her father and his life in Burma before he came to America and married her mother.

Julia travels to Burma and encounters a love story like no other ever written.

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I loved this book. I was intrigued by the location and during the descriptions of landscapes and villages I wish I could have smelled all the wonderful aromas of herbs and fruits and flowers. This is a very quiet story, just beautiful in its simplicity. Mia Dennett is the daughter of a prominent judge and his socialite wife. She teaches art at an inner-city school against the wishes of her family. One night she goes out to a bar to meet her on- again off -again boyfriend, who stands her up, and ends up going home with a mysterious stranger instead.

Colin Thatcher seems like the perfect, harmless one night stand. Colin was hired to abduct Mia and turn her over to his employers as part of an extortion plot. On the way to the drop, Colin has a change of heart and instead drives Mia to a remote cabin in Minnesota. But no one could have predicted what really happened in the time she was missing.

It jumps back and forth from present to past and back again to allow the story to unfold in brief windows. The transitions are smooth and you find yourself caring about all of the characters involved, not just Mia. Mia being abducted is really only part of this story. The family has secrets; dangerous ones people would go to extreme lengths to keep hidden. I really liked the writing style of this novel and the way she kept you guessing , hoping for, or dreading what was to come.

It moved along at a nice pace and left no loose ends. Although, I gotta say, I never saw the ending coming. I highly recommend this book to people who enjoy mystery, thriller, and drama. This was the best biography I have read in a long time. The author quotes mostly from letters written by Victoria, Albert and her entire family which gave me the impression I was a fly on the wall and right there in the middle of the Royal Family. I was captivated instantly by the easy writing style and the wealth of information in this book.

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This book is a riveting page turner.